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PHAT - Pretty Hot And Thick
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A social network for confident plus sized women and their admirers!

About Me

I hate "social media pimping & heauxing" which is what you end up doing while the owners get rich off your content.  I could never stand Facebook and all its reckless disregard for privacy.  I also hate fat shaming. As a proud and confident plus sized woman I wanted my community to be a safe haven for my fellow plus sized sisters and those that admire them.  I wanted a space that I controlled and not have to answer to "massah" to determine what's appropriate content or not, I'm too grown for that.  I want to create a community of like minded individuals to convene in a space, that is ours and ours alone.

My journey began on YouTube where my unexpected popularity prompted me to open up a Facebook account to get to know my following better.  That proved to be stressful as the false pretense of "Friends" clouded my desire to just produce content people wanted to see. I didn't have that problem on YouTube but there seemed to be a disconnect with my followers on there, which is why I turned to Facebook.  It's still an insurmountable, time consuming and energy draining task to explain why I sent a video/pic which kept enlisting fake lead-ins to a relationship of some kind.  Not everybody comes to social media to find a mate or date.  Some of us come just to network and that's fine with me.  That is why it was so important to me to create a social network as opposed to a personal blog or dating site.  I want people to meet and greet on their own terms.  Here you will never be under any pressure to have friends, which in my opinion is fake anyways as Facebook still hasn't figured out a way to "suggest" friends in your zip/area code to this day.  I want you to feel free to explore the whole site and make friends (or not).

My background is in technology as I have a degree in Computer Science along with over 3 decades of related experience.  I bring to the table a wealth of knowledge, in that arena alone, including web development. So at the core, I am a techie, but I'm a techie with big girl issues.  Being plus sized brings with it a unique set of problems that only another plus sized person understands.  Everything from finding cute clothes that fit (my true motivation to learn how to sew and originally went to college for Fashion Design), to being harassed online just because you are fat.  With creating this social space I want to change all that.  It is my hope that will enjoy joining me on this journey.



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